The Max Potential Personal Leadership Program
Sep 20, 2020
David Mylan
The Max Potential Personal Leadership Program

If you could have given your 16 – 17 years old self some advice on how to be successful and what does success look and feel like as an older adult what would it have been?  Would you say your success was achieved through Positional Leadership or Personal Leadership.  If, it was Personal Leadership, what does that comprise of and how is it practiced?  Did you have someone help you get to you to where you are?


The Max Potential Personal Leadership Program has been operating in NSW for sixteen years will some 3,000 students participating.  The Program is about Learning Personal Leadership Principles; Undertaking a Community Service Project and Building Confidence and Resilience whilst being supported by a Personal Coach.


In my fifth year as a Max Potential Community Coach I continue to see and experience the successful participation and growth of young adults through the Max Potential Program.  I am going to share with you the timeless personal leadership principles; the program objectives and some young adults’ personal stories.  The Program here on the Central Coast is supported by Gosford RSL together with other businesses and Clubs NSW.