The Phoenix 16 th July 2023
Tonight we share a new Rotary year.
Same, Same.....But different
Message from President Tony

Welcome all
To the 1st edition of our club bulletin for 2023/2024.
I along with the club board look forward to encouraging and supporting all members as individual Rotarians and club endeavors.
Please remember we are listening and promoting ideas that will assist us to achieve.
Get excited about your Rotary Club, there is much we can achieve, together.
Guest Speaker Chin Hwi Ang
Subject title: ‘The Power of Music’  
Join Chin-Hwi Ang from Angamus – as she shares with us how music has influenced her life and how her music has evolved with       music performance and education.
Drawing on her Chinese-Malaysian background, violinist Chin-Hwi Ang has adapted to cultural and societal challenges to find her niche in music. Whilst her journey took various paths along the way, her focus is empowering through music.
As Principal of Angamus for over 20 years, she found a way to remain connected with her musical community during the challenges of the pandemic - through live streaming and interactive engagement.
Running a busy music studio in Newcastle, along her projects as strings tutor and ensemble director at 3 independent schools north of Sydney, NSW keeps her creatively focused nowadays.
Environment Report

At the District Changeover, July 1st, our club was granted the Gold Award for exemplary dedication to the Rotary International Environment Area of Focus.

I thank my Environment Team, Doug, Ross and Lucy for their hard work and encouragement and also to each and every member who took on the activities and challenges we handed to them.

Congratulations go to you all.

At the beginning of our new Rotary Year I would like to remind you all of the vision and mission statements put forward by the Environmental Team when we were first set up.

Vision statement

To raise awareness of the natural environment, respect the science and promote environmental sustainability for our community and future generations. 

To reduce our carbon footprint by modifying our behaviour and having a positive impact on our natural environment.

As a club we will be judged by how we achieve measurable environmental targets.    


Mission Statement

To reduce the causes and impacts of environmental degradation on our community by:

- measuring our carbon footprint and pledging to become carbon neutral by reducing our carbon footprint and using mitigation techniques to remove excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

- introducing and measuring easily achievable environmental targets

- Joining a Rotary Action Group which promotes Environmental Sustainability eg Rotarians for Bees, Adopt a Tree, Rotarians for Koalas

- Encouraging all members, their family, friends and community to join with us in engaging in environmentally friendly behaviours.

As a club and as individuals we have done very well, let’s see what we can achieve this year!

The Environment Committee in its endeavor to educate members provides links to Oxfam Climate Change report.

Rotary For Bees
 Our Club recognised as 100 % Paul Harris Fellows 

This is for clubs in which all dues-paying members are Paul Harris Fellows.
This is a one-time recognition that is due to the generosity of one of our members and to celebrate the time as a Rotarian with our club in 2022-23 was
recognised at the District Changeover as 100% Paul Harris Fellow Club, the first in our District.
All members at the time of submission received a PHF if they had not already done so in the past.
The banner from The Rotary Foundation (TRF) and was presented by District Governor Mina Howard and District 9685 TRF Chair David Dean
Our Club recognition of Club Members and Friends 2022/2023



  Congratulations to Past President Val Bland

   Congratulation Past President Oscar Akparanta

Both of whom received recognition from Rotary International for their personal contributions to The Rotary Foundation with a PHF+2 sapphires.


Our President, Tony Miller, was recognised for his outstanding work as our Club Service Director 2022-2023. His knowledge of meeting procedures, willingness to learn Rotary procedures, the excellent running of our meetings, his assistance in providing interesting speakers, his readiness to step in and assist, all added to the many reasons for Tony’s recognition.

Secretary, Dee Stewart, personally recognised Kate and Daniel Smith as Paul Harris Fellows for their amazing contribution to the community. Together with their own 5 children they have fostered over 40 children from day old babies to teenagers, not normally because of bad parenting, but for some emergency reason the child or children had to go into care. Adding to this Kate has donated eggs to couples who could not have children, then gave the ultimate gift of being a surrogate to a gay couple who could not have a child naturally themselves. This wonderful couple are true givers to the community.

Immediate Past President, Marilyn Mercer, personally recognised her sister, Jennifer Ley, for her remarkable Nursing Career and in recent years, her coping with Parkinsons Disease, as well as sharing her journey and caring for those on a similar path. She set up a support lunch group (Parkinsons Divas), made welcome packs and drove ladies who were unable to do so. Jenny set up a Facebook page where she shared her research and her photos etc from her deep brain stimulation operation. Always she has been a loving person – always a great support to family and friends.







Rotary International Convention 2024
It's time to start planning.......
What  do you know about Rotary International
Diversity of Rotary International Presidents.
1965-66 C.P.H Teenstra (institutions and hospitals)
Rotary Club of Hilversum, The Netherlands.
 ROTARY VISION: A program of Action, Consolidation and Continuity
"What binds Rotarians together is a unity of desire and a unity of purpose and to serve mankind........a unity in diversity".
 . - A Unity of Desire . The Rotarian , July 1965
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