On May 22 a volcano in Goma, a city of 2 million in the Democratic Republic of Congo, erupted. Lava flows and earth tremors caused thousands to flee to neighbouring Rwanda and other havens. https://www.facebook.com/135002153217459/videos/293293472459849We We are happy to report that our colleague, Dr Muller Mundenga - the only Congolese emergency medicine specialist in Goma - is safe and has re-opened his emergency department at HEAL Africa Hospital.
HandUp Congo has facilitated RAWCS project # 47 / 2015-16  “Building a Healthy Congo” which has included training at HEAL Africa Hospital by Sydney-based emergency medicine specialist Dr Vera Sistenich. Vera leads the Building a Healthy Congo initiative and works closely with Dr Muller to mentor the medical community in the DRC about what is a new discipline in that nation of 90 million people. Vera served as a catalyst to found the DRC Emergency Medicine Association www.amurdc.org. HandUp Congo is a project partner and helps develop continuous medical education online.
To learn more about this initiative and how you might get involved, contact Lucy Hobgood-Brown on handupcongo@gmail.com or go to Emergency Medicine — Handup Congo.