Judith Croll Award Information
The E-Club of Greater Sydney introduced a special award in 2015 to honour the memory of Judy Croll, a well-respected Rotarian and founding member of the Rotary E-Club of Greater Sydney.
Judith did remarkable work as the club's Rotary Foundation Director.
The Judy Croll Memorial Award is presented to  a member of the Rotary E-Club of Greater Sydney who demonstrates exceptional contribution to Club and Community service.
The selection criteria include:
-          Overall contribution to the E-Club of Greater Sydney
-          Rotary service through local or international projects or community service activities
-          Participation in E-Club events and activities and via local/international projects
-          Attendance at E-Club online meetings
-          Contribution to The Rotary Foundation through promotion, awareness and fundraising activities
Award Recipients
2014-15 -- Marilyn Mercer
2015-16 -- Marilyn Mercer
2016-17 -- Lucian Keegel
2017-18 -- Amanda Barnes
2018-19 -- Lucy Hobgood-Brown
2019-20 -- David Dean