Bee a honey and consider joining Rotarians for Bees
Did you know…you can help save your local environment without even leaving the house? Bees in your neighborhood are dying due to a lack of flowering plants to feed on. Humans need bees to survive and you can help by adding three bee-friendly plants to your balcony or garden.
It’s as simple as 1, 2, Bee!

1. Source your bee-friendly seeds locally
2. Plant your seeds
3. Share your new plants and 3 positive thoughts or actions
There’s a growing buzz amongst Rotarians to get more active in supporting Rotary’s latest area of focus, the environment. Anyone in eClub of Greater Sydney or beyond who is interested in environment, conservation, gardens, climate change and yes, bees, is invited to contact Environment Director Judy Charnaud to learn how you can get involved. Contact Judy on
You can also join Rotarians for Bees at no cost. Check out and their Facebook page, or contact Lucy Hobgood-Brown on As an example of how Rotarians are making a difference in their community, have a look at this short video about the charming heritage town of Hall ACT, which has engaged the entire community in environmental protection:
You may also like to look at some other E-Club projects. Here are two
Building a Healthy Congo  Project 47, established 2015-16
Lotumbe Community Development  Project 20, established 2013-14