Speaker Date Topic
DGE Nathan Thomas Aug 16, 2020
Millennial DGN on Rotary Opening Opportunities
Millennial DGN on Rotary Opening Opportunities

Nathan was born August 13, 1992 in Toronto, Ontario and spent his childhood in Northwest Ohio. He attended the University of Cincinnati and graduated with a BS in Mechanical Engineering in 2015.

Throughout his high school and college years, Nathan developed his interest in international service into a non-profit organization named “All We Are” with the support of the Cincinnati, Ohio Rotary Club located in RI-District 6670.

After his graduation from University in June 2015, Nathan moved to Raleigh, North Carolina and started his career working as a Resident Engineer for Leoni Wiring Systems. Today, Nathan continues his career working for Leoni Wiring Systems as Engineering Team Leader for a global customer account.

Nathan joined the Rotary Club of Raleigh Midtown in 2015. He served as Club President in the 2016-2017 Rotary Year becoming one of the youngest Club President in the history of Rotary International.

Nathan has served in strategic leadership positions for both his club and District 7710. From 2017-2019 he served as District Membership Chairman. Under Nathan’s leadership, District 7710 led Zone 33 in membership growth in RY17-18 and finished second in RY18-19.  

Nathan continues to serve his district as District International Service Chairman and as a member of the Culture and Inclusion Committee Member.

He has conducted several District and Global Grants involving multiple districts, benefitting over 30,000 Ugandans.

Nathan serves on RI’s Cadre of Technical Advisors as a member of the Grant Planning Resource Team. He is a member of ESRAG.

He is an Ambassador of One Young World, the global forum of world leaders.


David Mylan Sep 20, 2020
The Max Potential Personal Leadership Program
 The Max Potential Personal Leadership Program

If you could have given your 16 – 17 years old self some advice on how to be successful and what does success look and feel like as an older adult what would it have been?  Would you say your success was achieved through Positional Leadership or Personal Leadership.  If, it was Personal Leadership, what does that comprise of and how is it practiced?  Did you have someone help you get to you to where you are?


The Max Potential Personal Leadership Program has been operating in NSW for sixteen years will some 3,000 students participating.  The Program is about Learning Personal Leadership Principles; Undertaking a Community Service Project and Building Confidence and Resilience whilst being supported by a Personal Coach.


In my fifth year as a Max Potential Community Coach I continue to see and experience the successful participation and growth of young adults through the Max Potential Program.  I am going to share with you the timeless personal leadership principles; the program objectives and some young adults’ personal stories.  The Program here on the Central Coast is supported by Gosford RSL together with other businesses and Clubs NSW.

Dorothy Gilmour Nov 15, 2020
The prevention of family violence and elder abuse

Dorothy Gilmour

Dorothy has vast experience and professional, academic history in Social Sciences including human behaviours and challenges of specialised groups.  

Her main practice was in the area of trauma, loss, grief, mediation and suicide prevention for individuals, parents and families and included debriefing after a critical incident in workplaces and post community disasters.  Her services included years of University lecturing in Masters programs of Psychology, Social Science and Family Therapy.

Dorothy remains an advocate for social justice and fairness for those less fortunate.  She is determined for everyday people to be part of the solution in the prevention of family violence and elder abuse across the world.  Dorothy believes that we must not rely on Police and social services to manage this epidemic of violence: 'We must make changes now we must ensure our children and grandchildren do not perpetuate this lack of respect for humanity.'

As a passionate Rotarian,  Editor of Bulletin and 'champion' of Rotary Safe Families for Rotary Melbourne, Dorothy is known for her: "Onwards and Upwards!"