Churchill Fellowships

Lucy Hopgood-Brown has passed this information on to us.
Chris Dunstan, who came to Marrickville Peace Group's March 19 Town Hall meeting, is the sponsor of a Churchill Fellowship for "Peace and Reconciliation". For more information click here
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Message from the Chair

ROMAC ChairI am sorry to have to announce that Dr Larry Roddick OAM, our Medical Director, has tendered his resignation for personal reasons.  

Larry accepted the Co-Medical Director role in March 2018 and assumed the Director's position in October 2018. He served during the difficult COVID-19 pandemic, which brought so many changes and challenges.  He has also been responsible for many significant actions, including bringing the ROMAC medical fraternity together at meetings in Sydney and Brisbane.


To read more ROMA News and get some updates about previous patients, click here

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The Gift Program

To help Nigerians suffering from extreme poverty and under- privileged members of the communities who find it difficult to access medical treatment. Combining the provision of donated medical equipment with the training of local health care workers to enable local Nigerian communities to be able to have access to quality medical facilities. Assisting with the provision of equipment to maternity and Neo-natal wards will improve maternal and child health and help reduce the infant mortality rate. Providing a steady and regular medical outreach in rural communities will help to identify members of the community who have serious medical issues and need urgent medical attention. Surgical interventions will also be organised for more serious issues
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Education in needy Western Kenyan schools

The project is focused on breaking the cycle of poverty in the poorest communities in Western Kenya, through educational equipment support programs, targeted tuition of students and professional development of teachers, healthcare education and starting sustainable community micro businesses at or near needy schools.
DONATE HERE     (RAWCS # 57-2021-22)
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Help for Ukrainian

Just to advise you that our training program for Ukraine refugees started on Monday, and will run 9am-4pm every day this week and next week. It is being held at the Ukraine Church hall , 53 William street Granville . We are teaching 10 Ukraine refugees, beginner and advanced sewing techniques, and we have established a permanent sewing workshop for them at the hall, where all Ukraine refugees can come and sew and craft. SewAid donated and installed five new domestic sewing machines, two overlockers; plus two high speed industrial machines so that some small manufacturing can be started. in the future. 
As usual our wonderful SewAid volunteer teachers are giving the instruction, two being Rotarains, Tina Latham from Kincumber RC and Vera Liondas from Holroyd.
If you are in the area, anytime this week or next, I invite you to drop by and take a look.
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 Past RI President, Chair TRF Ian Riseley

PRIP Ian will be the speaker at our meeting on 4 December. He will talk about The Rotary Foundation and his project the year he was RI President - planting 1 million trees. Please advertise this with your friends.
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Foundation News 

Last month, we reported that April was a great time to donate to The Rotary Foundation, and many of your responded!  Members of our District donated almost $AUD 40,000 to the Annual Fund last month.  Currently, members of 63 of our 67 clubs have contributed something to OUR Foundation so far this year, and our per-capita giving has reached the $US 100 mark! Almost all the clubs in our District have set Annual Fund goals for the year, and you have almost reached those goals as well.  As of 30 April, clubs have reached 87% of their goals, so please remember to allocate some of your club’s fundraising proceeds to OUR Foundation in your end-of-year plans.
Disaster Relief Grant Completed for Flood Relief
We received $34,500 from The Rotary Foundation to assist flood relief victims in our District and now have distributed this money using Woolworths and Bunnings Vouchers with the help of Rotarians at Kurrajong/North Richmond, The Hills Kellyville, Windsor, The Ponds, and Kariong Somersby. 
Thanks to everyone involved in reaching out to members of our community in need!
Please include The Rotary Foundation in your giving plans as we end the financial year.
  1. Support the Annual Fund.  Your club and individual contributions to the Annual Fund are used for District and Global Grants, as well as for Trustee programs, such as Peace Scholars.  Our hope is that every club member contributes at least $100 to the Annual Fund to become a Centurion member each year.
  2. Support Polio Plus.  The battle against polio is being won despite the turmoil of the pandemic and war.  Our continuing support is essential, and every dollar donated is matched by two dollars from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
  3. Support the Disaster Response Fund.  This fund, created in 2019, provides emergency support to districts around the world when disaster strikes.  Our District has already received three of these grants – for bushfires, the pandemic, and for flood relief. 
  4. Make a Global Grant Directed Gift.  Recently the Australian arm of The Rotary Foundation announced a new program to “Supercharge” your project.  This program encourages companies and individuals (but not Rotary Clubs) to donate $50,000 or more to assist with Global Grant projects here in Australia or overseas.  These donations are fully tax deductible and can be directed to be used by our District in specific areas of interest. 
Please contact me or any member of the District Rotary Foundation Committee for more information on any of our programs.
PP David Dean
District 9685 Rotary Foundation Chair
0412 798 526
PP Haran Ramachandran 
Grants Subcommittee Chair
0419 980 529
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Visit by RIPN Gordon Mcinally

On his Facebook page
Three continents in three days - the power of Zoom! Great to spend time with the Rotary E-Club of Greater Sydney and its many visitors from all over the world earlier today. A very committed group of Rotarians “doing” Rotary in the style that suits them best. Thanks to all for making me so welcome, and thank you for all you do for Rotary.
And a personal note 
Hi Marilyn, Thank you. It was a real pleasure to share in your meeting earlier and to meet such an interesting group of Rotarians from so many places. I remember you from Toronto. Ian Thompson was a very good friend - another Scot of course! Looking forward to meeting up with you sometime. Very best wishes, Gordon
Recording link
Thank you David Dean for editing the recording of the meeting . Here is the link to view
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Another Successful Trivia night

We held our second 5th Sunday trivia night on October 31st. The proceeds were nominated to go to our Youth programs.
The Eclub supports several Youth Programs including
RYLA, -Rotary Youth Leadership Awards, for emerging young leaders
MUNA, - Model United Nations Assembly, a program to allow young people to experience the UN and  debate a topic from an assigned country's POV
The Santos Science Experience,- supported by SANTOS an Australian Energy producer. for Yr 9 & 10 students to expose them to Science-based employment possibilities.
The Science and Engineering Challenge - an outreach program that encourages years 9 &10 students to study science, engineering, technology, and maths subjects through years 11 & 12 to enable them to undertake tertiary-level courses in science and engineering. 
NYSF - The National Youth Science Forum- a not-for-profit organization that runs a number of residential programs to encourage young people in their passion for science, technology, engineering, and maths (STEM)
RYE. - Rotary Youth Exchange is a program that facilitates a twelve-month exchange of young people between clubs in most countries of the world
The total raised on the night was $2100 which was a great outcome for our youth programs.
If you are interested in helping us to help young people achieve their full potential by donating to our programs please contact our Secretary, Oscar here
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Photo by Maureen Burdynski

This newsletter covers ...

Family planning initiative
Congolese refugees settle in Australia
Raising Peace Festival
Leadership training for Lotumbe youth
Why I volunteer
To read the full newsletter from our member Lucy, please click here.
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31st October 2021 Trivia Fundraiser Night Val Bland 2021-10-06 13:00:00Z 0
Rotary’s ‘dynamic duo’ recognised in annual awards Val Bland 2021-09-20 14:00:00Z 0
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A Big Thank You for our Trivia Fun Night

Thank you to our very generous donors, both Rotarians
and friends, our Sponsor, Rewards Hospitality, and
our organising team.  
With the assistance of The Rotary Foundation’s District Grant,
the funds will provide for an extra school classroom and
playground equipment.
Our thanks to our dedicated Rotarian Barbara who is
devoting her life to educate children in Kenya.  
She is a guardian angel and a true Rotarian
serving to change lives.    
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Donations to E-Club Projects

Posted by Dudley Mercer
Please consider donating to our Club-Sponsored Projects
The E-Club of Greater Sydney is proud to sponsor a variety of registered projects around the world through
Rotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS).

Spread Joy by Donating to Our Projects

sewAID to developing countries, Worldwide - (RAWCS: 22-2006-07)
To offer selected poor women in developing countries the opportunity to sew &
also provide them with machines, equipment & skills they need to start a small home business.
Micro loans are provided to recipients who require them.
To Donate, Click Here
The United Mission Hospital, Tansen, Nepal - (RAWCS: 78-2018-19) 
To supply funding & medical equipment to The United Mission Hospital, Tansen, Nepal
The Hospital has a capacity of 169 beds.
Over 2,000 visits require treatment paid by charity or are given credit.
The Medical Assistance Fund (MAF) provides charity to the poorest patients.
Each year the Hospital is seeing more and more patients in need of assistance,
hence reducing funds to purchase much needed equipment. (2020 Newsletter).
The Hospital, founded in 1954, is located at Tansen, 1,350 metres above sea level
in the mountainous Palpa District serving an area of nearly a million people. 
“The hospital is placed in a beautiful area crowded with poor people struggling to survive”.
  To Donate, Click Here
Mama Wimbi Buntings for Independence and Education, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) - (RAWCS: 103-2017-18)
DRC is one of the few countries which does not provide its citizens with ANY free education,
even at primary level. Paid employment is in very short supply and is often so underpaid
that even teachers who work 6 days a week survive by begging.
We plan to establish an export business to enable mothers to support their families
using the sewing skills that they already have.
We plan to teach local people the skills to manage international marketing via the internet so that the business will become independent of outside support.
To Donate, Click Here
To visit the website click here  
Building a Healthy Congo,  Democratic Republic of Congo - (RAWCS: 47-2015-16)
To support the development of quality higher education and medical care
in the Democratic Republic of Congo through the Université Protestante au Congo
and selected educational and medical institutions.
To Donate, Click Here
Lotumbe Community Development Project, Democratic Republic of the Congo - (RAWCS: 20-2013-14)
To provide sustainable improvements to existing health and education services
for villagers, and the well-being of women in Lotumbe, Democratic Republic of the Congo. 
Rotary Australia World Community Service and other project partners,
work with the Lotumbe community on a wide range of capacity building projects.
These include sustainable beekeeping, women's micro credit, duck eggs and
fruit sales that help pay for orphans' schooling, and agriculture.
In spite of being accessible only by canoe or forest paths, Lotumbe is a rural hub,
with K-12 schools (approx. 1000 students) and a reference hospital.
A population of 87,976 accesses these social services.
To Donate, Click Here
Kisaru Nkera Initiatives (KINI), Trans Mara, Kenya - (RAWCS: 72-2012-13)
To help Masai children and their communities to a better life through education,
health care services and community programs at Trans Mara, Kenya
To Donate, Click Here
Sustainable Villages Project, Oecusse, Timor-Leste - (RAWCS: 50-2011-12)
To assist villages in the Oecusse area, Timor-Leste in environmental challenges impacting on health and livelihood.
Specifically reducing the incidence of infant mortality & disease by improving food supplies, water, sanitation & the environment.
To donate, click here.
The Gift (RAWCS # 96-2020-21)
To help Nigerians suffering from extreme poverty and under- privileged members of the communities who find it difficult to access medical treatment. Combining the provision of donated medical equipment with the training of local health care workers to enable local Nigerian communities to be able to have access to quality medical facilities. Assisting with the provision of equipment to maternity and Neo-natal wards will improve maternal and child health and help reduce the infant mortality rate. Providing a steady and regular medical outreach in rural communities will help to identify members of the community who have serious medical issues and need urgent medical attention. Surgical interventions will also be organised for more serious issues
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Interested in Online Meetings?

If your Rotary Club is struggling to find a way to stay connected during the Covid-19 pandemic, why not consider meeting online?
Our E-Club has been meeting for an hour twice a month online using the Zoom webconferencing system. 
It gives our members the chance to see and talk to each other, hear about exciting projects our members are doing, and from guest speakers. 
The only requirement is a smart phone, laptop, tablet computer, or desktop computer.  If you currently use any of these to talk to family using any of the services like Skype, you have all the technology you need to participate in an online meeting!  If members don't have any of these, they can still call in to the meeting from a standard telephone and participate (but without the video).
Our Club Secretary, David Dean, would be happy to provide a tutorial for anyone in your club to help you understand how to use the Zoom system for your online meetings.  The basic process is similar to GoToMeeting and other services, but we have found Zoom to be the easiest to use for meetings with 50 or fewer people.  Please email David at:
You're also welcome to attend our club's meetings any time. 
Staying connected with fellow members is crucial in this stressful time.  We're happy to help you get started in any way we can.
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